Flames issue a statement concerning very serious charges against one of their players
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Flames issue a statement concerning very serious charges against one of their players

Oh boy... and so it begins.



This just in, Topi Rönni the Calgary Flames' top selection (59th overall) from the 2022 NHL Entry Draft has left Tappara Tampere of the Finnish Liiga after allegations of rape and sexual assault.

From Tappara's official website (Translated from Finnish):

Tappara SM league team player Topi Rönni is suspected of rape. The suspected crime took place more than two years ago. Rönni has told the club itself about the suspected crime.

"Today, I have received a summons application related to the matter. The last two or so years have been hard waiting for the matter to progress. I trust that the related course of events will be clarified in connection with the trial. For the time being, I'm out of the team's activities and I'm focusing on handling the matter ," says Rönni.

The Helsinki District Court has not yet determined the hearing date of the case and the case documents have been ordered to be kept secret. Rönni was a minor when the suspected act took place.

"We take the suspected crime seriously, but we are waiting for the court hearing and will evaluate the player's position afterwards. This is also about labor law" , says Tamhockey Oy CEO Mika Aro .

Neither Tappara nor Rönni will comment further on the case at this stage.

The 19 year old forward had played 12 games for Tappara so far this season, putting up one goal and two points.

The Flames have now issued a statement of their own:

I mean... "legal issues" is doing a LOT of heavy lifting here. I wouldn't actually say that rape and sexual assault allegations are merely "legal issues", but I can understand why the Flames are taking a wait and see approach. Stay tuned.

Source: Calgary Flames