Flames reportedly going retro in 2020-21

Yes! Love this!

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According to CBS sports reporter Pete Blackburn, the Calgary Flames will be going retro in 2020-21, and will play the entire season in their classic red, yellow and white uniforms.

Check it out:


Haters may call them the "Ronald McDonald" jerseys, but I'm an old school traditionalist and I absolutely LOVE these jerseys. Besides... the team is called the Flames. Red and yellow are perfect. Get the black out of the uniform entirely because the bright red and yellow just POPS on the TV screen.

I mean... how good does this look?

And now compare that to these: 

Bleh... boring...

Give me the Ronald McDonald look any day of the week!

Again, just look at how these colours pop when watching on television:

Perfect. Just... perfect.

I really hope that more teams adopt the Flames' philosophy and go with brighter, bolder colours. The Buffalo Sabres have already announced that they'll go back to their classic royal blue look and ditch the navy blue moving forward. Again, here's hoping more teams hop on this trend along with the Flames and Sabres.