Flames shake up things at the goaltending position

Some big moves from the Flames' front office.


According to a report from Calgary Flames insider Wes Gilbertson, the team has re-structured their goaltending department. Former goalie coach Jordan Sigalet has been promoted to Director of Goaltending, former NHLer Jason LaBarbera has been hired as the team's new goalie coach.

Check it out:

 Interestingly enough, this move seems to mimic the NHL trend of investing more in goaltending development. The Florida Panthers of course announced their "Goaltending Excellence" program by hiring Roberto Luongo, Francois Allaire, Rob Tallas and Leo Luongo.

 The Vancouver Canucks and the Washington Capitals have both had goaltending departments for the past few years, as well. With today's announcement it appears that the Flames will join the ranks of NHL teams willing to invest heavily in the game's most important position. Makes sense, right? Good on the Flames for making progressive moves behind the scenes.