Flames sit Jacob Markstrom amidst buzz of trade rumors.
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Flames sit Jacob Markstrom amidst buzz of trade rumors.

Are the Calgary Flames expecting to trade their number one goaltender at any moment?

Jonathan Larivee

The Calgary Flames have set social media abuzz with what would otherwise be a relatively minor decision in the grand scheme of things.

According to a report from Flames insider Eric Francis, the Flames have made the move to sit veteran goaltender Jacob Markstrom tonight in lieu of backup Dan Vladar. The move has caused some eyes and ears to perk up given the torrent of trade rumors that have been flying around Jacob Markstrom over the past several weeks, and it would seem that even Francis himself has some questions about the reason the Flames have given for today's decision.

"Speculation swirls today around the decision to start Vladar over Markstrom here in Edmonton tonight," wrote Francis on Saturday. "Coach says Markstrom, 'not 100% right now; but good enough to back-up tonight."

It certainly does seem rather curious that Markstrom is not healthy enough to play but healthy enough to sit on the bench as a backup, a situation that very realistically could result in him needing to step out onto the ice tonight. This has led many to believe that the real reason the Flames are sitting Markstrom is due to their desire to protect him from injury due to a trade ahead of the deadline.