Flames’ Tanev throws old coach under the bus after first practice under Sutter

Let’s see how it looks on the ice on Thursday…


Darryl Sutter is back behind the bench of the Calgary Flames and he’s wasting no time whipping this team into shape. In his first practice with his new/old team, coach Sutter put the Flames through a lengthy bag skate, forcing players to skate the length of the ice over and over and over and over and over again.

After practice, reporters met with players to see how it felt to be under a new coach in the hopes of turning the shortened season around. 

Defenseman Chris Tanev didn’t think twice about pushing his old coach Geoff Ward under the bus with his comments on today’s practice. 

“Definitely the best practice we’ve had in a while.”

It sure sounds like Ward had lose the dressing room a while ago and how Tanev (and maybe others) felt about the way he held practice... 

Now under Sutter, the Flames sure sounds reenergized and hopeful for the rest of the calendar. The next game takes place on Thursday night against the visiting Montreal Canadiens. 

Safe to say that the Sutter Era 2.0 has officially begun and players like Tanev are ready for it.