Flaming Zamboni steals the show at recent hockey event.

Fire and Ice.

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You can definitely file this one into the "you don't see this everyday" category of stories I get to cover here at Hockey Feed. 

A recent hockey event in Rochester, New York turned into something of a major disaster when the ice resurfacer, a machine more commonly known as the Zamboni, exploded into flames. The flaming ice resurfacer quite literally stole the show and no doubt damaged the ice so badly that it likely ruined the entire event, but I would like to stress here that although I did refer to the machine as a Zamboni in the title of this article that is technically incorrect. 

As hockey fans we all use the term Zamboni in our everyday lingo when describing ice resurfacing machines and that is because the Zamboni company has become synonymous with the product. In the same way many will refer to tissue paper by the brand name Kleenex, or gelatin by the ultra-popular brand name Jello, we often mistakenly refer to ice resurfacers as Zambonis and that is actually exactly the case here. Although this story has been widely reported as a "zamboni fire" the Zamboni company has since responded with some clarifications.

Here was their statement:

"There have been numerous improper references to ZAMBONI in connection with an unfortunate incident in Rochester, NY on Wednesday, October 14th. The machine seen on fire in the videos which were shared online was not manufactured by the Zamboni Company and should not be referred to as "a Zamboni," which in and of itself is an improper reference, as a noun. We appreciate the numerous posts by members of the public, where they have taken the opportunity to point out that it was not a Zamboni brand ice resurfacer, illustrating the awareness that use of the brand name as a generic product descriptor is incorrect.

I can certainly see why they would not want their brand name associated with this and I hope in some small way an article like this can help bring awareness to hockey fans that might not even be aware that Zamboni is merely a brand name. Let's be real though, you came here to see a burning ice resurfacing machine. You can see video of the incident below: