Fleury breaks his silence after his Game 3 gaffe.

Fleury shares his thoughts on his Game 3 mistake.


The Las Vegas Golden Knights were left shell shocked on Friday night after largely dominating Game 3 of their third round series against the Montreal Canadiens, only to suffer a late game collapse that began thanks to a catastrophic error on the part of star goaltender Marc Andre Fleury. If by any chance you didn't see the mistake at the time, here it is once again:

It was no doubt a tough pill for every member of the Golden Knights to swallow but there's no doubt in my mind that it was most difficult for Fleury himself, especially considering what a redemption arc this entire season had been for him up until this point. Fleury could have opted to stay away from the cameras leading up to Game 4, however to his credit he faced reporters on Saturday for the first time since the mistake and fielded every question that was sent his way.

On whether or not his experience in the National Hockey League makes it easier to move on from such a huge mistake.

"Like you said I've been through some of these before," said Fleury. "Obviously it would have been nice to get the lead in the series last night but the series is still young and there is still lots of hockey to be played so you can't dwell on it too long."

On what his perspective was of that now infamous game tying goal.

"I came out to make a play to help the D out like I do every day, every night. I dunno, I gotta see a replay again. I don't know if it spins off my stick or my foot, I didn't have good control of it and I lost the puck. When I turn around the puck was in the net already."

On how hard it is having to relive the moment due to the barrage of questions from reporters.

"It's part of the game, having to talk to you guys and be reminded of my screw ups," admitted Fleury. "Like I said I've been through this before and obviously I wish things were different, but it is what it is and I gotta put it behind and get ready for the next game."

On whether or not it was difficult to maintain his concentration and how he felt in the moment.

"It was very frustrating," said Fleury. "We had played a very good game, we had the puck for most of the game, things were going well for us and there wasn't much time left in the game. I can't remember the last time I've lost the puck like that in my skates and put it in front of the net but it's not something that I can't fix and that I can't improve on."

On whether or not he will start Game 4 after speaking with Peter DeBoer.

"You will have to ask Peter," said Fleury with a half smile.

On whether or not he wants the net for Game 4.

"For sure," admitted Fleury. "Our team played so well it was hard to lose that one. I would of course like to return to the net, to get another chance in the next game. It might be a long series and we have to get over the last game very quickly and get ready for the next one. But of course I would like to be a part of that victory."

To hear Fleury in his own words, although some of the questions were in French, you can check out the video we linked below.