Fleury mocks his big mistake during Sunday's practice.

Fleury showing his good nature despite the tough times.


The Las Vegas Golden Knights were dealt an awful loss on Friday night when they suffered defeat at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens in Game 3 in a game that they had largely dominated from start to finish. The loss has almost exclusively been laid at the feat of veteran goaltender Marc Andre Fleury who admittedly made a catastrophic mistake with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game, effectively gifting the Canadiens a game tying goal that allowed them to force overtime where they would eventually with the game.

There's no doubt in my mind that this has been an incredibly difficult few days for the Golden Knights as a whole, but I suspect that no one has had a more difficult time than Fleury himself. Although I imagine he has refrained from checking his social media he has been the target of an incredible amount of criticism from fans and pundits alike, the kind of criticism that could certainly impact a person's mentality. To his credit though Fleury appeared to be making the best of it on Sunday when he hit the ice for practice, even going so far as to seemingly mock himself and the big mistake he made in Game 3 when he had to handle a puck behind the net. 

Here's a look at the moment:

This once again showcases the fun loving personality that Fleury has displayed throughout his career in the National Hockey League and it will no doubt serve to bring him back into the good graces of the fans that were left frustrated after his catastrophic mistake in Game 3. This becomes all the more impressive when you add the context of the controversy surrounding the goaltending for Game 4. 

Although Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer has not officially named a goaltender for Game 4 tonight, all signs appear to indicate that it will be goaltender Robin Lehner who will get the start over Fleury after the gaffe in Game 3. No doubt this has also taken a mental toll on Fleury, and it is quite impressive that he can maintain such a lighthearted mood in these circumstances.