Fleury reveals how he got revenge on loud hockey fans in his hotel.

Fleury reveals how he got revenge on loud hockey fans in his hotel.

Fleury has an evil side.

Jonathan Larivee

Veteran goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the most beloved figures in the entire National Hockey League thanks in large part to his nice guy persona and his jovial nature, but over the weekend Fleury revealed that he can also stray towards the dark side at times.

Fleury was a recent guest on the 'Agent Provocateur' podcast which features his highly controversial agent, Alan Walsh, and it was during that appearance that he shared the story of how he pulled off a pretty rough prank on a group of rowdy hockey fans. 

For this story we have to go all the way back to the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Pittsburgh Penguins, who Fleury was playing for at the time, and the Detroit Red Wings. Fleury was trying to get a little sleep before the all important Game 7 of that series but it would appear that the group of rowdy hockey fans made that rather difficult for him. Fleury decided to pay them back for disturbing him, and it sounds like it probably wasn't a very pleasant experience for the fans involved.

"In 2009 before Game 7 in Detroit.... all afternoon I'm trying to take my nap and there's like obviously a bunch of hockey people going to the game that day," said Fleury with a smile creeping onto his face. "They are just partying in the room next door or a couple doors down and they were pretty loud so I couldn't sleep good. I was a little bit nervous already so I couldn't sleep. So when I got up I got dressed, put my suit on, took my luggage and then I took my garbage can and filled it up with water and put it on their door. Then I knocked and then just ran away, so then they opened the door and the garbage water fell in their room and then I could hear them."

I can't imagine the shock those rowdy fans had when the garbage pail full of water came crashing down into their room. What is even more amusing to imagine however is one of them listening to the podcast, only to realize that it was Marc-Andre Fleury himself who pulled one over on them.