Fleury's agent Alan Walsh rips Coach DeBoer again, calls him “absolutely laugh out loud ridiculous”

Walsh instigates more trouble between Fleury and DeBoer.


This just in... Alan Walsh isn't very fond of Pete DeBoer.

Walsh, the outspoken player agent for several high profile NHLers including Vegas Golden Knights netminder Marc-Andre Fleury, made headlines last season with his "sword in the back" social media post concerning DeBoer's handling of Fleury and is now back at it again.

Remember this?

That image rocked the hockey world and put both Fleury and DeBoer under the microscope. 

This season though, with Fleury seemingly back in the starter's role, things seemed to have calmed down in Vegas. Until today...

The outspoken Walsh took exception to what DeBoer described as some coaching adjustments that he made to Fleury's game, calling DeBoer's assertions "laugh out loud ridiculous".

Check it out:

Ah... Walshy... you can't say the guy doesn't go to bat for his clients!