Fleury’s water bottle prank on Pacioretty backfires

The NHL’s most notorious prankster is at it again.

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Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury is one of the most notorious pranksters in the entire NHL.

In fact, he’s such a notorious prankster that hockey equipment manufacturer CCM played off his reputation for their latest ad campaign featuring Fleury and former Pittsburgh Penguins teammate Sidney Crosby.

Check it out:

Better luck next time, Sid!

Earlier today Fleury was up to his old tricks as he tried to prank teammate Max Pacioretty in practice with the old water bottle trick. Flower unscrewed the top of a water bottle hoping that Pacioretty would get a face full of water when he went to drink it… but Flower was foiled not once but twice.

First teammate Jonathan Marchessault ruins Flower’s fun by knocking the bottle over… then when Pacioretty finally takes the bait, things don’t go as planned for Fleury.

Damn… nearly got ‘em.