Fleury slams puck against glass after Kane scores on him!

Intense practice in Chicago!


Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is getting used to his new life in Chicago. As you know, Flower was shocked when he was traded by the Vegas Golden Knights to the Blackhawks earlier this summer, even wondering if he wouldn’t just hang up the pads. 

But he is at the Hawks’ training camp and ready to go. And he is taking things very seriously, probably hoping to prove the Golden Knights how wrong they were to move him. 

On Friday, Fleury already showed his passion with his new team as he was caught slamming  the puck against the glass after Patrick Kane scored on him in a drill. 

Kane already knew he was going to get under his goalie’s skin during practice as he said on Thursday: 

“We both enjoy being competitive in practice. Whether I score on him, I might say something to him. Or vice versa.”

We don’t know what Kane said right after his goal, but it surely got to Fleury. It does not help that the star forward “had a brief smirk after scoring.”

This past week, Fleury finally opened up about the shocking trade and his decision to keep playing in Chicago. 

“I thought I was going to retire there,” Fleury said. “The owner said it in the media last season, too. I know I don’t have many years left [to play], so I thought I could end up there, living there after hockey.”

Here’s hoping that Fleury at least gets the opportunity to go out on his own terms. And get tons of good saves on Kane!