Flyers buy a billboard in Toronto and it’s hilarious!

Of course they would!

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The Philadelphia Flyers arrived in Toronto, the Eastern Conference hub city, on Sunday and held their first practice on Monday. They have an exhibition game later this afternoon against the Pittsburgh Penguins, then restart their season Sunday against Boston in the round-robin tourney.

They need as much support as they can and that’s probably why the team has bought a Gritty billboard in Toronto for the playoffs that can be seen on the way to the Scotiabank Arena. 

The sign is just hilarious: the song quote and the picture are simply perfect. 

We bet the Flyers will miss their passionate fans and their mascot Gritty, who always finds a way to intimidate the opposite team, and we all know he loved the rivalry between his Flyers and the Penguins. 

The Flyers are ready for action to resume and know they will need all the support they can get to move forward in this very special, unusual, postseason. Per, the Flyers allowed an NHL-low 28.7 shots on goal per game. That includes limiting the Boston Bruins to an average of 29.3 shots on goal in three games, below Boston’s season average of 32.1; the Tampa Bay Lightning to 26.0 in two games, below Tampa Bay’s average of 31.1; and the Washington Capitals to 29.5 in four games, below Washington’s average of 32.0.

Gritty is proud of those stats and cannot wait for play to resume!