Flyers face hated rivals in potential season deciding game

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The Flyers ultimately hold their fate in their hands. They have an extra game in hand over the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings and it can be the deciding factor whether or not they make the playoffs.

However, they will first need to get past the hated Pittsburgh Penguins. It is kind of fitting for a game of such important be played against Pittsburgh. Flyers fans have a lot of hatred for some teams, but the Penguins are pretty much at the top of that list. The history between the two teams is well documented and today there won't be any love lost between the two clubs.

Now down to the important stuff. What will the Flyers need to do in order to make the playoffs. Having some help from the Ottawa Senators or the New York Rangers could go a long way. If either Boston or Detroit loses today, then Philadelphia will only need two points in their last two games. That would make things favorable but there would still be work to do. The Flyers will face Pittsburgh today and the New York Islanders tomorrow and neither of those games will be easy.

Here is a look at the scenarios of today's games for the Flyers, as shown by

Getting help is the easier of the possible paths, but the Flyers will want to be able to control their own fate by beating the Pens tonight and then doing the same against the Islanders tomorrow.

Go Flyers!