Flyers GM Danny Briere exposes Ryan Johansen

They were caught off guard!



Things just did not work out for forward Ryan Johansen with the Colorado Avalanche, and even drew reports that he was drawing the ire of his teammates. He was unceremoniously traded to the Philadelphia Flyers earlier this month at the National Hockey League Trade Deadline, but he's yet to appear in a game for his new team. 

And now, according to Flyers general manager Danny Briere, they don't know how long his rehabilitation process is going to take, considering that he was injured when they acquired him. 

“He claimed to be injured when we traded for him, so we had him see the doctors,” Briere explained to Philly Hockey Now in a phone interview. “They found an injury, so now he’s going to be rehabbing. You can’t send down a player who’s injured, so he’s going to be doing rehab until… we don’t know when.

“That’s about all I can say at this time, or all that I have. So, he’s back on our roster doing rehab and trying to get better.”

Briere also noted that "it's fair to say" that the Johansen injury surprised them upon the trade, since he had suited up for the Avalanche as recently as March 4.

If he's able to play for the Flyers at some point, it would be his second-go around with John Tortorella as his head coach. But as far as Briere knows, there hasn't been any communication between Johansen and the fiery bench boss.

“I don’t know. As far as I know, I haven’t heard of any communication between Ryan and John,” Briere explained. “I don’t know for sure; they could have been talking to each other. But as far as I know, no, there hasn’t been any discussion.”

Johansen will not be able to be bought out from his current contract if he's unavailable due to injury, but could be a prime candidate to be bought out during the offseason.

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