Flyers introduce a brand new mascot and everyone hates it.

What a massive fail.

Flyers introduce a brand new mascot and everyone hates it.

If you've always wanted to work in the National Hockey League this might be the best chance you get because I'm willing to bet that the Flyers' will be looking to completely revamp their marketing department after this catastrophe. 

On Monday morning the Philadelphia Flyers made a surprise announcement and unveiled a brand new team mascot and well I don't really know how to describe it to you. I can tell you that they have named it, whatever it is, "Gritty" and I can also tell you that it is very orange but other than that I am at a loss for words. The thing doesn't really look like any type of animal and it certainly does not look like a person and if we're being perfectly honest here it's really quite hideous. 

As you would expect given the rather infamous reputation that Flyers fans, and fans in Philadelphia in general, have for putting up with nonsense of this sort the Flyers new mascot has been met with an almost universally negative reaction. Fans appear to hate the new mascot and the reaction to the announcement has produce some rather hilarious responses from fans of the organization who have been showing the Flyers no mercy this morning. 

One fan, a man named TJ Schirmer, threatened violence against the disgusting creature if it even dared come near him. 


Other fans were quick to point out that this new mascot would likely be far more effective at scaring children off then giving them a reason to want to be excited about Flyers hockey and I find myself agreeing with them. This creature really is the kind of thing that produces nightmare fuel and I honestly don't see how not a singlewithin the Flyer's organization pointed this out or even just noticed this before they decided to move forward with the unveiling.

Other fans were quick to point out that Gritty has something of a resemblance to another famous Philadelphia mascot. It makes sense because the mascot they are referring does in fact look similar and it's also a creature that no one has really been able to identify.

"We at least know where the Phanatic was born. We've met his girlfriend and his mother. You've told us nothing," wrote one fan posting from a parody account.

Personally my favorite response however came from a fan named Mark Kremer who in my estimation had the line of the day. Some may view it as a jab at a beloved former Flyer but I honestly think it wasn't meant that way. to be it come off as Kremer cracking a joke while mentioning a player that we are all familiar with and a player that Kremer himself like has a great deal of respect for.

"Man, Scott Hartnell has really let himself go," wrote Kremer on social media.

You can watch a short clip featuring Gritty in the video below, and please be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun one to read.