Flyers’ Nic Deslauriers fights two Sens in one shift!

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The Philadelphia Flyers were badly outplayed by the Ottawa Senators on Thursday night. That might be what fuelled forward Nic Deslauriers to fight not just once, but twice in the same shift. 

In what was a chippy game, Deslauriers got some payback in the second period when he first pounded Ottawa tough guy Austin Watson.

Both players are some of the busiest fighters in the league this season, and this was a great fight. However, it got close to the boards before the officials broke it apart, and Senators’ Mark Kastelic went after Deslauriers, who simply kept on pounding on a new rival.

Desauriers, who leads the NHL in penalty minutes, got two five-minute majors and a game misconduct. Kastelic got five for fighting, a 10-minute misconduct, and a game misconduct, and Watson received five for fighting.

What else do you expect when the Broad Street bullies are playing?

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