Flyers robbed of a goal so badly that not even Penguins broadcasters can believe it

Yikes… that’s a BAD call.

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Midway through the second period of tonight’s divisional battle between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins, Flyers forward Nolan Patrick appeared to bring his team to within a goal only to have the on-ice officials waive off the goal because… well we’re not quite sure.

With the Penguins up 2-0 in the game, Flyers forward Travis Konecny fired a shot which was stopped by Pens netminder Matt Murray. Murray lost track of the rebound and Patrick fired it home, but the referee for some reason blew the play dead before Patrick was able to find the back of the net. Why? Again… we have no clue.

Here’s the play in question:

We’re willing to bet that, like Murray, the referee simply lost sight of the puck and blew the play dead but… that’s an AWFULLY quick whistle. Yikes.

No matter which team you cheer for, you HAVE to feel for Flyers fans on this one. They’re desperately chasing a playoff spot and to have a play like this called against them is a total back breaker. Here’s hoping they can shake it off and make a game of things.