Flyers Schenn will have hearing despite being eliminated from playoffs.

Flyers forward facing a suspension for this hit.

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The Philadelphia Flyers season may be over, but the trouble for forward Brayden Schenn isn't.

One of the best rivalries of the first round ended when the Washington Capitals eliminated the Philadelphia Flyers over the week-end, and while Schenn's feud with Capitals' forward T.J. Oshie was extremely entertaining to watch, the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety appears to have ruled that Schenn went too far.

Schenn delivered a big hit to Oshie in the second period of Game 6, one that the NHL has determined is worthy of review, and given that Oshie's head is the principal point of contact it's likely to result in a suspension. There is also the possibility that Schenn left his feet just prior to the hit, charging Oshie,  which could also be a motivating factor in this decision.

While Oshie did leave the game after the hit, he would return in the third, and therefore we do not anticipate an overly severe punishment.