Flyers to honor founder Ed Snider on home ice.

Flyers' will pay tribute to their founder on the playing surface.

Flyers to honor founder Ed Snider on home ice.

The Flyers already wear a patch on their jerseys in honor of the team's founder, the late Ed Snider, but they have stepped things up for their first home game of the playoffs.

On the ice at Wells Fargo Center behind the Flyers net are the same initials worn by the Flyers players on their jersey's, “EMS” for Edward Malcolm Snider, the name given to the late founder at birth. Fans in attendance will also receive a special Flyer's shirt honoring Snider at the game. 

It's the banner that was erected by the Flyers' outside of Wells Fargo Center that's drawn the most attention however, with multiple media outlets reporting on the new addition to the side of the building. 

Reddit user preston6113 captured a great picture of the banner which you can see below.