Flyers Voracek drops a bomb on Giroux, avoids controversy with Simmonds

Big Jake is ready to throw down.

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If you’re a Philadelphia Flyers fan who loves himself or herself some Jake Voracek, Claude Giroux and Wayne Simmonds, you may not want to watch today’s IIHF World Hockey Championships game between Canada and the Czech Republic.

The two teams face off today in Paris, France to start the annual tournament and Czech star Voracek had some not so friendly warnings for his Canadian friends and Flyers teammates.

No word yet on whether he’s willing to drop the gloves yet or not. Joking aside, the trio have been the Flyers most dynamic offensive players for a few years now and all have considerable bite to their game. It wouldn’t be a total shock then to see Voracek square off with either Giroux or Simmonds if things get really physical in today’s contest. Stranger things have happened, that’s for sure. One would think however that in the “City of Love”, cooler heads would prevail.