Foligno calls for the officials after he turns rookie Knyzhov into a bloody mess

Classy move from a classy vet like Foligno.


In case you missed it last night, Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno made quick work of San Jose Sharks rookie Nikolai Knyzhov, tagging him with some heavy right hands in a very one sided bout. Just how one sided was it? Foligno effectively threw in the towel for Knyzhov himself. 

Check it out:

You see it? Knyzhov gets cut up after Foligno's second hard right hand, but then that cut absolutely opens up on the third heavy right hand from Foligno which prompts him to motion to the linesman to break up the fight. Classy move.

Even classier though were Foligno's post-game comments.

Check it out:

Again, classy move. And you can bet that Knyzhov will be back to fight again. As much as I'm impressed by Foligno in this tilt, give Knyzhov credit for hanging in there and taking some shots. This kid is going to be a good one.