Former #12 overall pick in the draft has been cut by his team.

Former top pick in the draft cut without an offer.

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Monday was full of good news for the players who received qualifying offers from their teams, but for some other players it was the exact opposite of that.

Earlier today we reported on the fact that veteran defenseman Eric Gelinas had hit a low point in his career when he was effectively cut by the Colorado Avalanche, a team that could use all the help in can get, and now he is being joined by a former teammates. 

According to a report from Mike Chambers of the Denver Post, former first round draft Mikhail Grigorenko, selected 12th overall in the 2012 National Hockey League Entry Draft, has suffered the same fate as Gelinas. 

The Avalanche will not be extending a qualifying offer to Grigorenko this summer, effectively cutting him from their roster much like they did with Gelinas. Grigorenko will become a free agent on July 1st, and it will be interesting to see if he receives any offers in the NHL.