Former Canadiens forward Nate Thompson has some words for Carey Price.

His thoughts on Price's absence from the team.


The absence of star goaltender Carey Price from the Montreal Canadiens lineup will undoubtedly hurt the team as they enter the 2021 - 2022 National Hockey League regular season. The season is now just days away and the question on everyone's mind now is not about whether or not Price will miss any games, but rather how many games will he inevitably miss?

In spite of the fact that you could understand why some fans might resent the player in a situation such as this the response to Price taking a leave for personal reasons has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Support from the Canadiens fan base has been tremendous and the hockey community has been quick to rally around the Canadiens goaltender in spite of the fact that no one truly knows what he is going through at this time.

Over the weekend we were treated to yet another example of this when one of Price's former teammates took to social media to share his own thoughts on the goaltender's sudden and shocking leave of absence. That former teammate was none other than former Canadiens forward Nate Thompson, a player that might be able to relate with what Price is going through. Although Thompson was never as high profile a player as Price is throughout his career, he has appeared in over 800 NHL games and more importantly he has experienced the unique pressures of the Montreal market.

Perhaps it is for these aforementioned reasons that Thompson was very complimentary towards Price when discussing the steps that the Canadiens netminder recently took for his own personal well being.

"I have to say it takes a true warrior to come out and ask for help," said Thompson via his Twitter on Saturday. "Carey Price is one of my all time favorite teammates and people I’ve played with. Proud of him and what he’s doing. Hall of Famer on and off the ice."

No doubt the trend of positivity towards Price for putting his mental health first will continue in the coming days and weeks and hopefully the good vibes coming his way can help in some small way in his recovery, even if it is only to keep his spirits high.