Former Canadiens great extremely critical of his former team.

You can bet when he talks people will listen.

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The Montreal Canadiens are in dire straights, and now former Canadiens are starting to question the decisions being made by the franchise, and rightfully so.

In a recent interview with the Montreal Gazette former Canadien Guy Carbonneau, a legend in Montreal, openly question the decisions, or more precisely the lack of decisions, made thus far by management.

“I just find it odd that they haven’t made any move to get this team better,” Carbonneau said. “I know it’s a little late now and I can understand. But if they thought in September that they had the team go to the Stanley Cup … I don’t know.

The lack of moves has put Montreal in an insane slump, and as we've stated in the past it's hard to argue that they aren't the worst team in the NHL since losing Carey Price and Carbonneau expressed disbelief at the lack of movement following that injury.

“You see the same thing we’ve seen over the last 10 years, which is no No. 1 centre, no No. 1 right-winger … and that’s not to disrespect the guys that they have there. But we keep talking about this, we keep mentioning it. When you don’t have that and you lose your best player and probably the best player in the NHL (Carey Price) for a long period of time … if they expected Mike Condon to replace Carey Price they were mistaken. I don’t know who made that decision, but there was something wrong.”

When you have guys like Carbonneau calling out management, something has got to give.