Former Conn Smythe winning goalie has some harsh words for Carey Price.

He does not like what he is seeing.

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A highly respected former National hockey League goaltender had some words for the man that many still considering the NHL's very best goalie, Montreal Canadiens veteran Carey Price.

On Friday former Conn Smythe Trophy winner Jean Sebastien Giguere made it clear that he is not at all impressed with the current iteration of the Habs star goaltender, all the while admitting that he was once a very big fan of Carey Price's play and play style. Now Price has been hearing plenty of criticism, especially over the past two seasons, but in a media market as intense as the one in Montreal this certainly can't feel good. To make matters worse Giguere, a native of Montreal Quebec, isn't the kind of man you can simply ignore when he calls you out for the way you are playing on his hometown team.

"I loved him so much. When I first started working on TV I was his biggest fan. I love the way je played and stuff like that but for the last year and a half, I do not know, he's given me a sour taste a little bit," said Giguere as per Sportsnet's Eric Engels.

There's almost no doubt that the criticism is well deserved, even in spite of the fact that Price has a very young and very inexperienced defense playing in front of him on a night in and night out basis. The fact of the matter is that he signed a contract that makes him by far the best paid goaltender in the National Hockey League at the moment and the reality is that he has played nowhere near a level that justifies the $10.5 million per season that the Habs decided to invest into him.

"It seems like Giguere has been rather disgusted by fact that both Price's level of play as well as his lack of leadership based on body language and attitude have not been where they should be. "

The Canadiens unloaded captain Max Pacioretty in a trade to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the summer, and it sounds like the men that Giguere expects to see pick up the slack simply are not doing that.