Former Cup winner uncertain about hockey future after being diagnosed with terrible dsiease.

He admits this may be the end of his career.

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Late last week we reported on the horrible diagnosis that had hit former Stanley Cup champion Bryan Bickell and while we certainly were aware that it could seriously impact his career, Bickell's comments have really highlighted just how bad this is.

For those who did not read our earlier report, Bickell was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that causes the bodies immune system to attack the central nervous system, and while Bickell sounded positive and hopeful about a return to hockey in the official press release put out by the Carolina Hurricanes, he seems to have changed his tune.

"I'm just uncertain," said Bickell as per the Chicago Tribune. "Knowing what's next is the biggest thing. Hopefully I can get on the ice and help my team and be safe and do my job. … Hopefully my career goes longer if I play the cards right.

It was Bickell's admission, for the first time, that this could be the end of his career as a National Hockey League player that really hit home however.

"You're just scared for the other stage where I've been playing hockey for so long and this definitely could be it. There are roads in life and this could take me down a different road."

Obviously just about every hockey fan who reads this will be cheering him on in his recovery, but with a disease this serious one also has to acknowledge the possibility that we may have seen the last of Bryan Bickell in the NHL.