Former Flyers goalie Roman Cechmanek facing 10 years in prison

Um... what!?

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According to a report from Czech-language publication, former Philadelphia Flyers and Los Angeles Kings goaltender Roman Cechmanek is facing up to 10 years in prison for an alleged fraud scam. The goaltender has reportedly been facing these charges for over seven years and will finally get his day in court in early December.

The charges are reportedly from real estate contracts that Cechmanek signed over a decade ago that allegedly enabled him to gain illegal financial benefits.


‘In 2011-2014, Čechmánek was to commit fraud for more than CZK 15 million. “He entered into contracts and agreements with the intention of obtaining property benefits, even though the financial situation did not allow him to do so,” explained prosecutor Petr Matoušek, a former goalkeeper who has denied guilt from the outset. “I’ve never thought of robbing anyone,” he said in court.’

Cechmanek is alleged to have received illegal payments amounting to nearly $700,000 USD.

For those who don't remember Cechmanek... well you didn't miss much.

The Czech goalie burst onto the scene back in 2000 as a 29 year old rookie and immediately took over the starter's job in Philly. He was a Vezina Trophy finalist in his first season with the team and won the Jennings Trophy in his second season with the team. But as good as a regular season goalie as Cechmanek was... there's a reason why he earned himself the nickname "Choke-manek" once the playoffs started...

Anyone remember this?

After one middling season with the Los Angeles Kings, Cechmanek was out of the NHL for good and, frankly, out of my mind for good. Today's news is literally the first time I've thought about Cechmanek in over a decade.