Former GM Tallon under investigation for using racial slur in Toronto bubble!

Another bomb in the NHL at the WORST time possible!

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A bomb has been dropped by reporter George Richards of Florida Hockey Now  who revealed on Friday that National Hockey League is investigating a claim former Florida Panthers general manager and president of hockey operations Dale Tallon used a racial slur while representing the team. 

While the league has confirmed that it is looking into the matter, it mentioned that it would not comment on the incident nor the investigation. 

This is from Richards’ report, explaining how the incident took place: “according to a source, Tallon is being accused of using racially-charged language at some point during the team’s time in the Toronto postseason bubble.”

The Panthers were part of the best of five qualifying round in which they were dismissed in just four games by the New York Islanders.

No one knows (for now it seems) the exact words that were said by Tallon, but we all know he is a guy that has been known to use salty language during the course of a game.

Tallon’s deal expired on July 1, was not retained by the Panthers and his parting with the team became official a few days after Florida’s 5-1 season-ending loss to the Islanders.

However, it is believed that his departure from the club had nothing to do with this alleged incident. According to Richards, “the alleged incident was only recently bought to the attention of the league and then relayed to the team during the NHL’s investigation.”

This is coming at a time in which professional sports teams have been boycotting play in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The NHL’s two-day work stoppage in protest against police brutality and racial injustice has changed the schedule of the ongoing Stanley Cup playoffs. The NHL made the decision to postpones contests a day after the NBA’s postponed/canceled games on Wednesday seeing that the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court in a show of protest against the issues of police brutality and racial inequality.

All eight teams competing for the Stanley Cup has been able to stand and protest, each postponing a contest from their schedule. The New York Islanders and Flyers were scheduled to play in Toronto on Thursday, while Vancouver and Vegas were set to compete in Edmonton. Tampa Bay Lightning versus the Boston Bruins won’t be playing Friday in Toronto, while the matchup between the Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars in Edmonton has also been scratched.

Play is set resume Saturday inside the NHL bubbles in both cities. But there is also an investigation ongoing in Toronto it seems…