Former leaf Jeff O' Neill rips into Toronto

He does not hold back one bit

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There's no question last night's loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins was a tough one for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not just for the players and management, but also for the fans who managed to get #firedubas trending in the city on Twitter. There was plenty of blame to go around and it was getting heated. Today, while appearing on TSN's Overdrive, former Leaf Jeff O' Neill ripped the team a new one, saying they have no identity. 

"They have no identiy five-on-five," said O' Neill. "What's their identity? Pittsburgh is, they've got Crosby and Malkin who are elite players who work and they get wins and they do their job. Toronto doesn't work. They don't outwork you, they don't outhit you. They don't do anything." 

O' Neill went on the say the Leafs can score off the rush, off the transition and on the powerplay, but the team still completely lacks an identity. 

"By the way, the coach? He should be held accountable, too," continued O' Neill. "He goes on there, and I like accountability, it's big-boy stuff. You can go on there and say 'these guys sucked tonight'...but he lets them go out there and play like that. They'll get dummied 6-to-2 and be god-awful in their own zone and the next day there's Lady Gaga playing on the music system and they have skill development."

He ended that quote by shouting "change the way they play!" O' Neill says he doesn't get how the team goes out and continually plays that way when the coach is calling them out on it all them time. 

"How many times can you say of a professional team they suck in their own zone? They're talented enough to play better than that!"

O' Neill says it all comes down to work ethic and Toronto doesn't have it and he continues to blame Sheldon Keefe for letting it happen. 

"Have some balls and bench one of those guys!"

"Mitch Marner's going out there being an idiot with backhand passes and stupid plays and turning over the puck. Bench him! You can't win games like that!" 

Yikes, "O'dog". Next time, tell us how you really feel.