Former Leafs forward causes online controversy when he claims Marner is worth than Matthews

Leafs fans are gettin' fired up!

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It’s August 22nd, it’s summer time and the living is easy. Especially if you’re a retired NHLer with over $40 million in career earnings. Just kick your feet back and enjoy the cottage, right? Well… not if you’re Dave Bolland evidently.

The former Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers forward took some time out of his retirement yesterday to weigh in on the current situation with unsigned Leafs restricted free agent Mitch Marner. Um… excuse me!? Yeah, I know… it’s weird.

Check it out:

First off… what?

Where did this come from? Bolland is all of a sudden a big Mitch Marner supporter?

Digging deeper though and you’ll see that Bolland has tied to Marner’s agent Darren Ferris:

Ah… now it makes sense. The only question now is, “How big is your commission, Dave?”

Still, what an odd situation. Hands up if you expected Dave Bolland of all people to be involved in Marner news reports.