Former Maple Leaf calls out “chicken sh*t” Mitch Marner.

Former Maple Leaf calls out “chicken sh*t” Mitch Marner.

A former member of the Toronto Maple Leafs has taken to social media to share his unfiltered opinions on Mitch Marner.

Jonathan Larivee

Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Mitch Marner has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism following his team's loss in Game 4 of their opening round Stanley Cup playoffs series against the Boston Bruins, this in spite of the fact that he was the only Maple Leaf to score in that game.

Marner's goal in the third period however has seemingly done nothing to temper the criticism that has been directed his way and there is perhaps no clearer example of that than the comments made recently by former Maple Leafs forward Jay Rosehill. Rosehill, who is now co-host of Leafs Morning Take, absolutely unloaded on Marner on Sunday making several extremely harsh comments about his performance in this series.

"I look at Mitch Marner and the breakdown on some of his shift and all I can think is who do you think you are?" asked Rosehill. "Are you too good to stop and start? Are you too good to get back into your f***ing position? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Are you too good to try? Do you expect everything in your life to be given to you because your daddy has told you that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread since you were 5?"

Although that was certainly bad enough, Rosehill would go much further and go so far as to insult Marner directly.

"I watch these shifts, you want $14 million a year to play and this is how you show it?" asked Rosehill. "You expect everything to be given to you? You chicken s***. You entitled little prick. You don't even have the guts to f***ing try because you might try and come up short and fail."

Rosehill saved his most fiery vitriol for the end of his rant.

"You insecure baby," he labeled Marner. "All you do is bitch and float and look around for the easy way to go."