Former Maple Leafs’ Tyler Bertuzzi in hot water over tampering accusations

Former Maple Leafs’ Tyler Bertuzzi in hot water over tampering accusations

See why he is suspected:

Chris Gosselin

On the eve of free agency, right after the Maple Leafs signed forward Max Domi to a four-year deal that dismissed Tyler Bertuzzi’s chances to return to Toronto, the forward chose to test the market. He then signed a contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, which stunned many, including Bertuzzi himself, who admitted on Friday that the team was not even a destination in his free agency plans.

In his introductory interview as a Hawk on Friday, Bertuzzi then let slipped that he spoke with leader Nick Foligno ahead of the opening of free agency, and was convinced by the veteran to come to Chicago.

“Chicago wasn’t really on my radar,” said Bertuzzi. “The day before free agency, Nick Foligno called me and said that they (Chicago) were interested. I was obviously excited about that and things went on from there.”

“We just talked about the organization, the city, where to live, and things that are important to me and my family while obviously moving to a new city,” Bertuzzi added.

Fans and pundits are calling for tampering accusations, stating that Bertuzzi clearly broke the rules when he spoke with Foligno before signing the contract. The NHL is said to be against tampering, which is what many are accusing Bertuzzi and Foligno to have done. At this time, commissioner Gary Bettman is not reported to be taking any action in this case.

Chicago will be Bertuzzi’s first turn after a one-year stint with Toronto. Signing a four-year, $22M deal ($5.5M AAV), Bertuzzi had the right to get some information on where he goes before he signs on the dotted line… right?

Source: Ben Pope