Former NHL enforcer offers to take out Milan Lucic for the Edmonton Oilers.

Lucic draws the ire of a former enforcer.

Jonathan Larivee

It would appear that the actions of Calgary Flames forward Milan Lucic on Sunday night have ruffled quite a few feathers.

Lucic and the Flames faced off against the Edmonton Oilers in Game 3 of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series on Sunday, and things turned ugly after the Oilers took a commanding lead in the contest. Roughly midway through the third period, Lucic would take a run at veteran Oilers goaltender Mike Smith that created quite the firestorm on social media.

If you haven't seen the collision, here's a look at several different angles:

Lucic would be penalized on the play and earned himself a 5 minute major as well as an early trip to the showers, and Smith would be forced out of the game at least temporarily after it appeared the National Hockey League's concussion spotters asked to have him pulled. Smith would however return and finish the game for the Oilers.

It would appear as though some feel Lucic has gotten off too easy though and now a former NHL enforcer has offered to come out of retirement in order to take care of Lucic for the Flames. Former NHL forward Georges Laraque, who spent 8 seasons in an Oilers jersey during the course of his NHL career, was outraged after Smith was driven into the boards by Lucic and publicly called out the Flames' big man.

"Ok Edmonton Oilers sign me up, got someone to destroy!!!" wrote Laraque in response to the hit. "My God what was that!!!"

Of course, this won't be possible in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it also won't be possible because Laraque has been out of the league for over a decade now. The two did cross paths during their time in the NHL and did even butt heads, most notably when Laraque was a member of the Montreal Canadiens and Lucic was a very young member of the Boston Bruins, but they never actually dropped the gloves.

This one will likely have to remain a dream match though, as much as Laraque may want a piece of Lucic I simply don't see it happening.