Former NHL enforcer reduced to tears after his son scores in his NHL debut!

The kid made his papa proud.

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This was just a beautiful moment between a father and his young son, although the son probably won't be aware of it until the end of the period at least.

On Thursday night young Jake DeBrusk was making his National Hockey League debut with the Boston Bruins and what a debut it was. DeBrusk scored his first career goal in his first career game and that prompted a very excited reaction from his family in the crowd.

No reaction however was more powerful than the one from his father, former NHL enforcer Louie DeBrusk. The elder DeBrusk, despite having established himself as an incredibly tough man during his NHL career, could not hold back his pride and his tears after the goal. 

Here's Louie's reaction:

Update: Higher quality video than the original two.

And here's the goal: