Former NHL goalie critical of Jacob Markstrom trade.
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Former NHL goalie critical of Jacob Markstrom trade.

A former NHL goaltender doesn't love the Jacob Markstrom trade for one of the teams involved.

Jonathan Larivee

There have been a lot of proclamations made about the big trade this week that saw now former Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom traded to the New Jersey Devils, especially when it comes to who won or lost the trade.

Some feel that Flames general manager Craig Conroy failed to extract enough of a price in the deal that eventually sent the Flames #1 goaltender to the Devils, but it would seem that former National Hockey League goaltender Corey Schneider does not find himself in that camp.

Recently Schneider appeared on the NHL Network where he shared his thoughts on the recent deal between the Flames and Devils, indicating throughout his comments that he didn't love the deal for his former team.

"The reason I'm not too thrilled about it, it seems like a short term stop gap," admitted Schneider.

The former NHL goaltender suggested that Markstrom was on the wrong side of his career in the National Hockey League, pointing to other men with a similar body type in the NHL.

"He's gonna be 34 going on 35 and goalies who are 6'6 don't tend to play into their late 30s very often," said Schneider. "I just think the wear and tear, it is a lot of moving parts and leverage.

It wasn't just Markstrom's age or the fact that he is likely to only be a short term solution, Schneider also lamented the loss of a gritty piece of the Devils' blue line depth.

"Kevin Bahl is a good depth defenseman, he brings some nastiness and size to their back end, so they are gonna have to find a way to replace that."

Schneider believes the Devils will quickly find themselves back in the same spot they were before they started.

"I'm not saying he can't for a year or two, but it just seems like a one or two year solution... and then at that point are you going to commit to him or are you going to restart this entire search in two years?"

Only time will tell who emerges as the winner of this trade.