Former NHL player calls out all the analytics experts bashing on Shea Weber.

Former player speaks up in defense of Weber.

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There has been a lot of negativity coming out from the analytics community in regards to veteran defenseman Shea Weber and now former players are coming to the defense of the well respected blue liner.

The latest to do so is none other than former NHL forward Patrick O'Sullivan, who implied that while the numbers experts may have all the data on their side those numbers don't quantify just how hard it is to play against a player like Weber.

"I'm waiting to meet an analytics person who's had to go into the corner and get a puck against Shea Weber," said O'Sullivan in challenge to all the Weber critics suddenly speaking out."Let me know if anyone finds one."

O'Sullivan has already received some backlash for the comments but considering his feelings on the matter it's unlikely he cares very much.