Former NHL player destroys Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo.
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Former NHL player destroys Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo.

A former player for the Arizona Coyotes doesn't hold back after the latest news involving Meruelo and the Coyotes.

Jonathan Larivee

At least one former member of the Arizona Coyotes has seen enough and is now speaking out about the ownership group holding the franchise hostage in the desert, Alex Meruelo's ownership group.

Last week it was announced, in a stunning twist. that the Arizona State Land Department would be postponing the scheduled land auction that the Coyotes were planning to bid on in the hopes of securing a site for their new arena. It was just the latest in a long series of incomprehensible mistakes on the part of this ownership group and it seems as though it finally caused the dam to break when it comes to criticism of that particular ownership group.

Long time Coyotes insider Craig Morgan made some damning comments about Meruelo and his ownership group following the announcement, and now former Arizona Coyotes player Jason Demers is joining in on the criticism of Meruelo and his ownership group.

"Murelo his son and his band of morons including Gutierrez strike again. I’m speechless at the lack of class , ethics," wrote a fired up Demers over the weekend. "If you’re going to grift all of us at least make it more believable than this embarrassing stuff. So glad we’re done with them and can move on."

It seems as though that has been the overwhelming sentiment coming from fans of the Coyotes franchise on social media, with most appearing to believe that the Coyotes will never return to Arizona as long as Alex Meruelo still owns the rights to an NHL team in Arizona.

Demers adds that he doesn't blame the league for how this all came to pass, but does believe that the Coyotes are in desperate need of a fresh start with a new ownership group.

"Honestly the NHL handled this as good as you could have given the circumstances. Did right by everyone and gave it a chance now it’s just time for a fresh start," said Demers.

Unfortunately for Demers and the rest of the Arizona Coyotes faithful, I don't expect Meruelo will be relinquishing control of the Coyotes any time soon.