Former NHL player kicks opponent in face with skate.

Former NHL player kicks opponent in face with skate.

A former NHL player lost control of his skates this week and slashed another former NHL player in the face.

Jonathan Larivee

A pair of former players from the National Hockey League were involved in a scary incident overseas this week during a game contested between a pair of teams in Switzerland's National League.

The incident occurred after an attempted body check from former NHL forward Martin Frk went awry, resulting in the 30 year old forward launching himself into his own team's bench. It was what would happen next however that would grab the attention of everyone in the building.

Either due to the loss of control from falling over the bench, or due to more malicious motives, Frk's skate would then strike the man he tried to body check, former NHL player Lawrence Pilut, right in the face. Pilut immediately reacted by clutching at his face and skating away from the play.

To his credit, Frk immediately checked on his opponent both after the incident itself and prior to the start of the next play to make sure that Pilut had not been seriously injured. Thankfully Pilut was ok with him getting more frightened than injured as a result of the incident.

The Adam Johnson incident is still fresh on the minds of everyone in the hockey community and you can't blame Pliut for being terrified after being initially struck by the skate blade.