Former NHL scout appears to predict a total collapse from the Leafs.

Former scout with a red hot take on the Leafs.

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A former National Hockey League scout has just shared a rather ridiculous take on the Toronto Maple Leafs, although if he's right we'll likely be eating those words by the end of the season.

Grant McCagg, a former amateur scout for the Montreal Canadiens says he is getting a feeling of "deja vu" that harkens back to the 2011-2012 Toronto Maple Leafs team. 

McCagg says much like that season when the Leafs got off to a 7 - 3 start, the gloating from fans of the Leafs has been "merciless," but it seems like based on his deja vu that he believes this years Leafs will also end up finishing 13th "with their tail between their legs."

Needless to say this season's Toronto Maple Leafs look drastically different than the 2011-2012 Maple Leafs, even in the eyes of a casual observer, so we're going to have to strongly disagree with this one. In fact only three players from that team remain on this current roster, they are Jake GardinerNazem Kadri, and Tyler Bozak.

Nonetheless McCagg has a message for Leafs fans:

"So I would suggest that Leaf fans cool their jets..karma is a bitch."