Former NHLer assaulted by his own coach during Spengler Cup.

Former NHLer assaulted by his own coach during Spengler Cup.

A former NHL player was assaulted by his own coach behind the bench during the Spengler Cup on Sunday.

Jonathan Larivee

A crazy scene unfolded at the Spengler Cup on Sunday, one that may have severe repercussions for some of the parties involved.

In a scene that was almost too surreal to believe, former National Hockey League forward Tomas Jurco, who played in 221 NHL games split between the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers and Vegas Golden Knights, was assaulted behind the bench during the game by his own coach, Josh Holden. To make matters even worse, the entire thing was caught on video and shows Holden not only verbally berating Jurco but also physically grabbing him and shaking him in anger.

As I said it almost beggars belief, here's a look at the raw footage:

The Athletic's Scott Wheeler received messages from coaches and agents, both of which expressed their displeasure at what they had witnessed during the Spengler Cup.

"Real coaches know you can’t and shouldn’t do that shit," said a coach as per Wheeler.

"The business we are in is shocking with the lack of people who have control of their emotions, especially coaches," added an agent as per Wheeler.

Of course this is a high profile and high pressure game and emotions are running high, but given that this was so clearly caught on camera you have to wonder if there may be repercussions for Holden in the future.