Former NHLer Bobby Robinson goes berserk in the KHL.

Former NHLer Bobby Robinson goes berserk in the KHL.

Bobby Robinson completely lost his cool in the KHL, attacking two players in a fit of rage.

Jonathan Larivee

A former National Hockey League player has gone completely berserk in the Kontinental Hockey League.

Former NHLer Bobby Robinson, who spent time with the Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators and Chicago Blackhawks, is currently in his first season in the KHL and, if he was having any issue distinguishing himself in that league, I am fairly confident this one incident will solve that issue for him moving forward.

Over the weekend, Ryan, who currently plays for Chelyabinsk Traktor, snapped on the ice during the KHL Conference Quarter Finals and obliterated the opposing team's captain with a sucker punch before fighting a second player and pummeling him down to the ice as well.

It initially looked as though Robinson was challenging Ufa Salavat Yulayev captain Grigori Panin to a fight but, when Panin failed to drop the gloves quick enough, Robinson dropped Panin to the ice with a sucker punch instead. Robinson would have something that more closely resembled a fair fight with his second opponent, but by that point the damage had already been done.

Panin would leave the ice hunched over in pain and there has been no word yet as to what kind of discipline Robinson may be facing over this incident.