Former NHLer brutally calls out Anaheim's Trevor Zegras.

Former NHLer brutally calls out Anaheim's Trevor Zegras.

A former NHL player has shared his thoughts on the Anaheim Ducks young star, and he had nothing nice to say.

Jonathan Larivee

Anaheim Ducks star forward Trevor Zegras has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with after back to back 20+ goal seasons to start his career, but not everyone has been impressed with the way he has gone about doing it.

Recently former Stanley Cup champion Brent Sopel was a guest on the Raw Knuckles Podcast, hosted by former NHL enforcer Chris "Knuckles" Nilan, and it was during that appearance that he made some unprompted comments about Zegras. When he was asked about the state of the current NHL, Sopel went into a rant about the Ducks forward that left no doubt at all about his feelings.

"We would never show up another team or opponents the way these guys love to do it," said Sopel on the Raw Knuckles Podcast. "You got what's his face in Anaheim, I would take a two-hander into his teeth and love every second of it."

Sopel acknowledged that Zegras was more of a skilled player than he ever was during his 659 game NHL career, but nonetheless he expressed his disgust at how Zegras carries himself on the ice.

"Hey your skilled and I can't do it? Great!" said Sopel. "But you love laughing in guys face, you love showing people up.... back in the day you woulda got your teeth knocked in. You would be running around doing what you did."

The 46 year old Sopel did not hold back at all during the podcast and unfortunately it seems that Trevor Zegras has become, at least in the eyes of Brent Sopel, the symbol of what is wrong with the modern iteration of the National Hockey League.

You can check out the full length episode with Sopel in the video below: