Former NHLer calls out Bennet for 'sucker punch' on Marchand.

Former NHLer calls out Bennet for 'sucker punch' on Marchand.

A former National Hockey League goaltender is calling out Sam Bennett for a cheap shot on Brad Marchand.

Jonathan Larivee

Florida Panthers forward Sam Bennett is facing a ton of criticism on Saturday following his actions in Friday's Game 3 between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers, although it doesn't sound like Bennett will be facing any consequences for his actions.

Bennett is being accused by some of delivering a sucker punch to the head of Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand, a list that now includes at least one former player from the National Hockey League.

On Saturday, former NHL goaltender Andrew Raycroft took to social media to publicly call out Bennett for what he clearly feels was a dirty play. Raycroft objected to the idea that Bennett had injured Marchand with a 'reverse hit' and even shared a slow motion replay on his social media to justify his description of the incident as a 'sucker punch.'

And the slow motion replay shared by Raycroft:

Raycroft is of course a former member of the Boston Bruins himself so there may be a little bias at play here, although Raycroft did play for several other NHL teams as well including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks and Dallas Stars during his time in the NHL.

Thus far there has been no indication that there will be any further discipline for Bennet over this incident.