Former NHLer Carlo Colaiacovo shares terrible family tragedy.

Very sad news.

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Unfortunately we have some very sad news to report. 

Former long time member of the National Hockey League Carlo Colaiacovo has just announced some tragic news on social media. According to an official statement released by  Colaiacovo and his family, his 2 year old son Leo Colaiacovo has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment for the disease. As you would expect this has been a devastating time for Colaiacovo, his wife, their child, and the rest of the Colaiacovo family.

On Sunday the former Toronto Maple Leaf, St. Louis Blue, Detroit Red Wing, Philadelphia Flyer and Buffalo Sabre released a statement, we present it to you unedited and in full:

Our two year old son, Leo, has been diagnosed with Acute Lumphoblastic Leukemia. There are no words to adequatelty express both the shock and fear that has consumed us as parents this past week. We are forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who have been takign such great care of our son. He is receiving the best possible care in hospital and is responding well to treatment. We are overwhelmed by all of the love, support and prayers from our family and friends which has brought us strength and comfort as we come to terms with this diagnosis. We have a long road ahead of us but our little Leo is a warrior, he is strong, and together, we will beat this.

Only a parent can truly understand the pain and anguish that the Colaiacovo has to be going through right now, a living nightmare that is literally every parents greatest fear. Now the good news is that leukemia can often be treated and in fact I can draw on personal experience here. A member of my family suffered from the very same condition as a child and through the excellent work of the medical professionals who handled his case he was able to make a full recovery and today lives a full and healthy life. It is my sincere hope that the same will be true for the Colaiacovo family and their little Leo and I will be keep all of them in my thoughts and hope you will do the same. 

Good luck Leo.