Former NHLer drops bombshell prediction about the future of two of Toronto's top stars.
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Former NHLer drops bombshell prediction about the future of two of Toronto's top stars.

Former NHLer makes fans in Toronto very angry.

Jonathan Larivee

A former player in the National Hockey League ruffled quite a few feathers in Toronto last night when he made some rather spicy comments on social media about two of the top stars currently playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That former NHLer is none other than former New York Islanders first round pick and former Stanley Cup Champion Mike Rupp.

On Saturday, Rupp reacted to the announcement that the upcoming 2024 NHL All-Star Game would be hosted in Toronto with what I can only describe as a bubble bursting comment. While fans in Toronto were busy celebrating the announcement, Rupp quickly turned it sour by indicating that it was merely designed to be part of Auston Matthews' inevitable farewell tour.

"What a perfect way to celebrate AM34 as his farewell tour comes to a close…" wrote Rupp via his Twitter.

As you might expect, these comments from Rupp produced quite the reaction and even what appears to be some agreement. TSN television host Jay Onrait joined in on the fun by posting a gif that appears to indicate his agreement with Rupp's assessment.

Rupp very likely received a great many negative comments for making such a bold and spicy prediction, but if anything those negative comments only seemed to have motivated him to push the envelope even further. Only hours after making his original prediction, Rupp once again took to Twitter albeit this time in video form.

Rupp's tweet would have led you to believe that he was going to apologize for his comments, but instead he doubled down by adding another name to the farewell tour in the form of William Nylander.

Only time will tell if Rupp's predictions about the future of the Maple Leafs' roster will come to fruition.