Former NHLer Kelly Chase shares an update from the hospital.

Former NHLer Kelly Chase shares an update from the hospital.

Former National Hockey League player Kelly Chase has been in a tough fight with cancer.

Jonathan Larivee

For many years former National Hockey League enforcer Kelly Chase impressed fans with his toughness on the ice. Chase was always willing to take on all challengers, ending his 458 game career in the NHL with a whopping 2017 penalty minutes.

Today however Chase is facing the toughest challenge of his life but once again his toughness is serving as an inspiration to many fans around the hockey world. In December of last year, Chase would announce that he had been diagnosed with cancer, Leukemia to be exact, and since then he has been tackling the disease head on.

Over the weekend Chase shared what was quite frankly a heartbreaking update from his hospital room, indicating that he was about to go in for his 5th round of chemotherapy. Anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience of going through chemotherapy or has witnessed a loved one going through the process knows it can be a brutal experience.

Chase did manage to lighten the mood however with a hilarious line about how he was planning to beat up the disease much like he did many of his opponents over the years in the NHL.

"Round 5. Here we go," wrote Chase on Sunday. "Just shook off the elbow pads and I’m about to punch this f&:/“kr right in the mouth."

I will of course be rooting for Chase every step of the way as he tackles this terrible disease and I am happy to say that, in spite of the fact that it has almost been 25 years since Chase last set foot on the ice, current NHL players have also come out in support of the former enforcer.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Max Domi showed great class when he took a moment to cheer Chase on in his battle against cancer.

Get well soon Kelly, we're all cheering for you.