Former NHLer Kostitsyn crashes car, refuses breathalyzer and denies driving in the first place

So... your car crashed at 3am on its own? Sure...

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Former NHLer Sergei Kostitsyn has reportedly been involved in a single vehicle accident in his native Belarus, according to a report from Onliner, a Russian-language publication based out of Minsk, Belarus.

TSN 690 host Andrew Zadarnowski translated the initial report and claims that Kostitsyn refused a breathalyzer test and denies driving the car.

Check it out:

It's difficult to get accurate information regarding this accident since the initial report is in Russian and translations are quite stilted. But at least one report seems to indicate that Kostitsyn was with a female friend. It's unclear who was driving the vehicle though. 

For what it's worth, local police have stated: 

The driver refused to pass the examination. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated, a check is being carried out on this fact.

While we know that Kostitsyn refused a breathalyzer examination, it's not known if his female friend did so as well and therefore we can't know with certainty who was behind the wheel. However the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk (Say that three times fast) reports that Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk, said that "at about 3:30am, the driver born in 1987, driving a Mercedes car, moved along Orlovskaya Street from Pobediteley Avenue towards Novovilenskaya Street and hit a traffic light object."

The car is said to be "mechanically damaged" and Kostitsyn was seen with blood on his forehead which is consistent with injuries from a pressure cut on the steering wheel, but Kostitsyn reportedly refused medical help, as well. The law is a tricky thing and libel is a very serious allegation, so for these reasons we will refrain from offering up any opinion about what we feel may have happened. Draw your own conclusions and leave the rest up to the professionals...

In any case, the 33 year old Kostitsyn was one of the most frustrating players in the NHL during his time with the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators. Both he and his older brother Andrei Kostitsyn were the type of guys you would describe as having "all the tools, but no tool belt." Supremely skilled players who just couldn't put it all together enough to be relied upon as an everyday NHLer. To put it blunty: these guys were too busy chasing the Montreal night life to become professional NHLers.