Former NHLer Saprykin reportedly attacks female flight attendant, forces emergency landing

Yikes... this is UGLY. Video and details inside.

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Former Calgary Flames, Arizona Coyotes and Ottawa Senators forward Oleg Saprykin has found himself in a bit of trouble in his native Russia after allegedly attacking a female flight attendant and forcing an emergency landing.

According to a report from English language Russian news outlet, Saprykin was reportedly upset that the flight attendant would not serve him another whisky drink and then, “attacked the flight attendant with such force that she collapsed on the floor.”

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Seated in the business class section of the flight, Saprykin was reportedly intoxicated and became angry when a flight attendant refused to top up his whisky.
And reports suggest that he got up from his seat in protestation and, as the stewardess attempted to calm him, he struck her on the head.
According to one report, "The young woman fell on the floor and was badly bruised."
Footage online, said to be from the Russian Interior Ministry, reportedly shows Saprykin shouting at the flight crew and also inside a detention cell. 
"The pilot then took a decision to interrupt the flight."
And a source confirmed: "As soon as the drunk man was detained, the plane continued the flight to Moscow."
The flight attendant opted not to press charges against Saprykin, meaning the former NHL star could not be charged with hooliganism and instead paid a "small fine".
Saprykin has denied any of the allegations and insists that he was “drinking calmly, sitting with my wife in business class.”

However, the video evidence below suggests he was anything other than calm:

The 37 year old former 10th overall pick from the 1999 NHL Entry Draft retired from professional hockey two years ago after nearly a decade in the KHL. He managed 55 goals and 137 points in 325 games with the Flames, Coyotes and Senators.