Former NHLer Sean Avery accused of harassing homeless people on the streets.

Details inside.

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It seems like former controversial National Hockey League forward Sean Avery is still courting controversy off the ice.

According to a recent report from Mara Siegler of Page Six, the former NHL bad boy has been going around the streets looking for homeless people to harass, although to be fair to Siegler the video evidence in her report did show Avery asking a homeless woman for the time, but no harassment was seen.

However according to Siegler this has been an ongoing trend, with videos dating back as far as 2013 showing Avery yelling at a homeless man to get a job. 

When Siegler reached out to Avery for comment he provided the following response:

“No comment, but if you tell me what street corner [Post columnist] Richard Johnson sleeps on, I will go wake him up. Congrats to you for the powerful reporting you are doing. Continued success.”

Here's a look at the video.